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Ani/Comics2008. 12. 19. 16:29

1위 신세기 에반게리온 OP - 잔혹한 천사의 테제 (Sung by 타카하시 요코).mp3

2위 럭키☆스타 OP - 가져가 세일러복! (Sung by 히라노 아야, 카토 에미리, 후쿠하라 카오리, 엔도아야).mp3

3위 마법소녀 리리컬 나노하 OP - innocent starter (Sung by 미즈키 나나).mp3

4위 Lain OP - DUVET (Sung by boa).mp3

5위 AIR OP - 새의 시 (Sung by Lia).mp3

6위 쓰르라미 울적에 ED - Why,or why not (Sung by 카타키리 렛카).mp3

7위 히미코전 OP - PURE SNOW (Sung by 사사키유코).mp3

8위 GTO 1기 OP - Drivers High (Sung by LArc~en~ciel).mp3

9위 스즈미야 하루히의 우울 OST - God knows... (Sung by 히라노 아야).mp3

10위 카드캡터 사쿠라 3기 OP - PLATINA (Sung by 사카모토 마야).mp3

11위 신세기 에반게리온 극장판 - komm, susser tod (Sung by Arianne).mp3

12위 로젠메이든 Traumend ED - 빛의나선율 (Sung by KUKUI).mp3

13위 공각기동대 1기 OP - Inner Universe (Sung by Origa).mp3

14위 코드기어스 1기 OP - COLORS (Sung by FLOW).mp3

15위 크로노 크루세이드 OP - Pleasure Line (Sung by 쿠리바야시 미나미).mp3

16위 마법소녀 리리컬 나노하 As OP - ETERNAL BLAZE (Sung by 미즈키 나나).mp3

17위 은혼 3기 ED - 눈의 날개 (Sung by Redballon).mp3

18위 디지몬 어드벤처 OP - Butterfly (Sung by Wada Koji).mp3

20위 교향시편 에우레카 세븐 1기 OP - Days (Sung by Flow).mp3

21위 강철의 연금술사 4기 OP - Rewrite (Sung by Asian Kung-Fu Generation).mp3

22위 카우보이비밥 OP - TANK.mp3

23위 에스카플로네 OP - 약속은 필요없어 (Sung by 사카모토 마야).mp3

24위 천원돌파 그렌라간 OST - Happily ever after (Sung by meg rock).mp3

25위 로미오X줄리엣 OP - You raised me up (Sung by 박정현).mp3

26위 슬레이어즈 TRY 최종화 ED - Somewhere (English).mp3

26위 슬레이어즈 TRY 최종화 ED - Somewhere (Sung by 쿠마시와 호우코).mp3

27위 D.T.B 흑의 계약자 OP - Howling (Sung by abingdon boys school).mp3

28위 슬레이어즈 TRY OP - Breeze (Sung by 하야시바라 메구미).mp3

29위 블리치 3기 ED - 혜성 (Sung by 윤하).mp3

30위 카우보이비밥 ED - The Real Fork Blues (Sung by 야마네 마이).mp3

31위 스즈미야 하루히의 우울 ED - 맑음, 맑음, 유쾌 (Sung by 히라노 아야, 치하라 미노리, 고토 유코).mp3

32위 쓰르라미 울적에 1기 OP - 쓰르라미 울적에 (Sung by Shimamiya Eiko).mp3

33위 교향시편 에우레카 세븐 3기 OP - 태양의 한가운데로 (Sung by Bivattchee).mp3

34위 강철의 연금술사 2기 OP - Ready Steady Go (Sung by LArc-en-Ciel).mp3

35위 작안의샤나 OP - 붉은빛의 하늘 (Sung by 카와다 마미).mp3

36위 교향시편 에우레카 세븐 2기 OP - 소년하트 (Sung by HOME MADE KAZOKU).mp3

37위 라제폰 OP - Hemisphere (Sung by 사카모토 마야).mp3

38위 스즈미야 하루히의 우울 OP - 모험이지, 그렇지?(Sung by 히라노 아야).mp3

39위 BLACK LAGOON OP - Red fraction (Sung by MELL).mp3

40위 바람의검심 ED - ⅓의 순수한 감정 (Sung by Siam Shade).mp3

41위 오란고교 호스트부 OP - Sakura Kiss (Sung by 카와베 치에코).mp3

42위 교향시편 에우레카 세븐 4기 OP - sakura (Sung by NIRGILIS).mp3

43위 Aria The Animation ED - Rainbow (Sung by ROUND TABLE featuring Nino).mp3

44위 영혼기병 라젠카 OP - 해에게서 소년에게 (Sung by N.EX.T).mp3

45위 창궁의 파프너 OP - Shangri-la (Sung by Angela).mp3

46위 시간을 달리는 소녀 OST - 변하지않는것(Sung by Oku Hanako).mp3

48위 BLOOD+ 3기 OP - Colors of the heart(Sung by UVERworld).mp3

49위 키노의 여행 OP - All The Way(Sung by 시모카와 미쿠니).mp3

50위 지옥소녀 2기 OP - NightmaRe(Sung by SNOW).mp3



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    Since making their last playoff appearance in 2007, the Jacksonville Jaguars are a combined 34-78 the past seven seasons.
    Since 2011, the club has won 14 games three more than the http://www.basisch-kochen.de/fantversion.php??path=contentwrapper&contentid=9&hnav=r,http://www.basisch-kochen.de/fantversion.php??path=contentwrapper&contentid=9&hnav=r
    AFC South champion Indianapolis Colts managed each of the last three seasons.
    But the team made some strides in certain areas this past season, especially when it came to rushing the passer. And now head coach Gus Bradley and general manager David Caldwell have been busy bolstering the roster via free agency, as the Jaguars entered the new fiscal year with more money to spend than any other team in the league.
    The addition of two-time Pro Bowl tight end Julius Thomas is a big plus when you consider he s caught 24 touchdown passes the past two seasons and the Jacksonville passing game has produced just 31 scores over the same time frame. A defensive unit that ranked 27th in the NFL in yards allowed this past season will benefit from the likes of cornerback Davon House and outside linebacker Dan Skuta.
    While tackle Jermey Parnell joins a team that allowed an NFL-high 71 sacks in 2014, kick returner Bryan Walters should help a club that s longest return last season (punt or kickoff) was a mere 40 yards.
    Combine this free-agent haul with the younger players on this roster and things seemed to be headed in a positive direction for a franchise that begins its third decade on the field.

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    Here at stupidDOPE we [url=https://www.mywebdoctor.co.uk/fantversion.php?page/6/]https://www.mywebdoctor.co.uk/fantversion.php?page/6/[/url]
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    Detail In Design! The Wire Sculptures By Richard Stainthorp was last modified: March 20th, 2015 by Jesse James

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    RACQ CareFlight Rescue helps the backpacker on Fraser Island. Photo: Supplied

    A backpacker has been airlifted from Fraser Island after [url=https://www.mywebdoctor.co.uk/wp-app.phpother-brands/jacob-co]https://www.mywebdoctor.co.uk/wp-app.phpother-brands/jacob-co[/url]
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  7. hjdgcskj

    They started with about 2,000 applications, and they brought in the best 105. Everybody ran the 40 in times so slow, you have to wonder if the way they were timing them was wrong/broken. Out of all of that, only one guy has signed a contract thus far -- WR Nathan Slaughter has signed with the .

    Basically, this only confirmed why these guys can't find work in the NFL. They either don't have it any more, or else they http://www.chamika-tours.de/wp-xml.php?neuigkeiten/Saison_2014_15/Verabschiedung-Spieler.html,http://www.chamika-tours.de/wp-xml.php?neuigkeiten/Saison_2014_15/Verabschiedung-Spieler.html
    never really had it to begin with. However, a one-day showcase isn't the best way for these guys to prove their worth to the NFL, and if there are 2,000 players who still want to play football, it seems like there should be enough talent to start a minor league with at least 8-12 teams. (Multiplied by 53, that would be 424-36 players, not counting injury replacements.) The biggest question would probably be how to handle players' rights and if there are affiliations with certain teams, but it would probably be best to keep it as a separate league, and players could be free to sign with NFL teams at any time, as if they were all free agents. Play games on Friday evenings in the fall to keep the league relevant to the NFL without conflicting with the NFL and college broadcasts. If they could find enough cities to support the teams, this could work. Possible cities could include Los Angeles (up until either the , , or relocate there, and then those markets would open up), Orlando, Portland (Oregon), Columbus, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Birmingham, Las Vegas, Albequerque / Santa Fe, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Tulsa, Omaha, etc.

    The biggest problem with prior attempts (e.g. -- USFL, XFL, and UFL) has been the lack of fan support, and the costs eventually outweighed the benefits. I think the UFL -- the most recently failed football league -- suffered from having only four active teams, and they were spread so far apart that travel costs alone exceeded the revenue of paltry ticket sales. The USFL quickly spiraled out of control when they tried to lure top talent away from the NFL, and owners suddenly realized that they couldn't generate enough fan support to cover the costs of the contracts, especially as they tried to compete against MLB for fans in cities like Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, etc. with their spring schedule. The XFL was colorful, and allowing players to put whatever they wanted on their name plates generated characters like Rod "He Hate Me" Smart. However, league owner Vince McMahon treated the league just like a staged wrestling event, filled it with stunts, and fans eventually found it to be silly.

    I don't think that national exposure is necessary for a minor league to survive. It just has to be well-marketed within the region and have costs controlled until it can be self-sustaining through solid fan support. That might mean flat rate salaries, either overall or by position. The roster might have to be smaller. They might have to have teams that are all in the same region or divide the league into two to four regions. They might have to make tickets unusually cheap just to get butts into seats. They might have to scrap the current practice squads to create a better pool of talent.

    What do you think? If they build it -- the right way -- will the fans come to watch?

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  8. uueveadm

    Jeep Wrangler Red Rock Responder: http://www.chamika-tours.de/wp-content.php?thomas-mueller-dfb-trikot-2014,http://www.chamika-tours.de/wp-content.php?thomas-mueller-dfb-trikot-2014
    The support and emergency vehicle is loaded with storage areas, side cargo boxes, spare parts and tools. The extended Wrangler might be the closest approximation of what a much-speculated Jeep Wrangler pickup would look like if Jeep were to celebrate its 75th birthday next year with an off-road pickup.&nbsp;Jeep Staff car: A salute to its militaristic origins, the open-air Staff car balances minimalism (painted steel floor, no B pillar, no doors) with Jeep's 3.6-liter pentastar V-6 engine.Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk: Jeep's latest offering, a subcompact crossover that defines the blooming cute ute segment, almost seems like Jeep was mandated to make something smaller, Fiater, and they mocked the mandate with this. The concept includes a topographical map decal of Fins and Things, a Moab trail.

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  9. fkkoknbk

    In our own post-election work, we found about 7 per cent of voters across these 30 seats that we were tracking said they would change their vote if they knew the current result was going to be the case, he said.
    But of course you can't wind back the clock and we of course accept the verdict of the voters.
    The poll was revealed on the same day the LNP filed http://www.tricor-verpackungen.de/wp-feed.php?tag/finale/,http://www.tricor-verpackungen.de/wp-feed.php?tag/finale/
    into the opposition side of the parliamentary chamber for the first time in three years, its majority - and former leader Campbell Newman, who returned to Brisbane from an overseas holidays just days before - no longer part of the proceedings.
    Mr Henderson told attendees of a panel discussion dissecting the January campaign and election result hosted by the Australasian Study of Parliament Group that the anyone but the LNP message helped change the course of the election.
    While we were advocating a vote for the LNP, we had Labor, Greens, PUP, WWF, GetUp, the unions, all advocating the put the LNP last vote, he said.
    In effect it was the combined resources of up to six, seven different groups into one voice.
    It was an effective move to corral what has previously been a splintering of the vote with optional preferential voting.
    For the first time since optional preferential voting was introduced in Queensland, the exhaustion rate of votes dropped.
    Paul Reynolds, an honorary research fellow at the Queensland Parliament said he had crunched the polling numbers and found that in most seats, the exhausted votes - where people just number their preferred candidate - were only between 40 and 20 per cent.&nbsp;
    That left a lot of votes in play. And it was the votes of constituents who didn't want Labor, but wanted former premier Campbell Newman to heed their message, which played the biggest role.
    Labor gained 78.8 per cent of Greens preferences in these seats [which were lost in 2012], the LNP 15 per cent, Dr Reynolds said.
    For PUP preferences in these seats which Labor gained, 62.8 per cent went Labor, 30 per cent went to the LNP.
    For all other voters, Labor got 54.5 per cent of other preferences, the LNP 30.6 per cent.
    Dr Reynolds labelled the preference distributions extraordinary .
    State Labor campaign director Anthony Chisholm called it the Newman effect .
    Those people who weren't voting for Labor but wanted to get rid of Campbell Newman or send Campbell Newman a message, they knew what they had to do, he said.
    The LNP is still sorting through the submissions into their review examining what went wrong during the campaign, but some former MPs believe they already have the answer.
    You know that letter that was left in the desk of the Executive Building, that nasty letter? That was everything that was wrong with our government, one said.
    A lot of nice notes and small gifts were left by other staff, just nice little messages for those coming in, but then someone just had to go and spit all over that with that letter.
    And that just sums up everything that people hated about our government.

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  10. ldcggxxz

    Upon now reading [url=https://www.mywebdoctor.co.uk/fantversion.php?2014/07/a-lange-sohne-living-is-learning/]https://www.mywebdoctor.co.uk/fantversion.php?2014/07/a-lange-sohne-living-is-learning/[/url]
    these long-forgotten words, they seem to me as words belonging to a total stranger were my name not attached, Jones wrote in a statement released by the university. I cannot erase them, but wish I could, because they do not represent the belief of my heart or the content of my preaching. Neither before, nor since, that event in 1980 have I ever advocated the stoning of sinners.
    Jones, who resigned as university president in 2005, made these remarks in 1980 during a visit to the White House:&nbsp; I m sure this will be greatly misquoted, Jones said&nbsp;at the time. But it would not be a bad idea to bring the swift justice today that was brought in Israel s day against murder and rape and homosexuality. I guarantee it would solve the problem post-haste if homosexuals were stoned, if murderers were immediately killed as the Bible commands.
    Read Kevin Eckstrom's Religion News Service Story here:&nbsp;
    Copyright 2015,

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  11. feqdboyp

    Pendlebury s assessment of the Magpies pre-season boils down to one key message: follow Buckley s instructions. In the NAB Challenge we got a good http://www.fodig.de/fantversion.php?kinder-england-kinder-trikots-c-133_145.html,http://www.fodig.de/fantversion.php?kinder-england-kinder-trikots-c-133_145.html
    snapshot of our best footy and our worst footy three weeks apart, he said. It just reinforces to the guys, if you don t come to play AFL footy, you ll get found out. On the other hand if you come to play, you heed your structures and do the things coaches want you to do, it can be pretty rewarding. The Magpies early-season injury woes from last season are often lost to memory because of the way they finished the season.Collingwood s injury list reached double figures as the club slumped to three 10-goal losses in their final four matches.The Magpies start 2015 in undoubtedly better - though not perfect - health.Five players have been ruled out of round one; Levi Greenwood (ankle), Lachlan Keeffe (hamstring), Brent Macaffer (knee), Matthew Scharenberg (knee) and Clinton Young (hamstring).
    Originally published as

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  12. bswmllbd

    DES MOINES The Iowa House has approved a bill to establish common rules for transportation networks companies such as Uber.
    Rep. Chris Hagenow, R-Windsor Heights, http://www.basisch-kochen.de/sidebar.php?Natitrikot-Schweiz/armycap-schweiz-weiss.html,http://www.basisch-kochen.de/sidebar.php?Natitrikot-Schweiz/armycap-schweiz-weiss.html
    described , as an attempt to avoid a patchwork of regulations around the state.
    Transportation network companies are taxi-like services that connect riders to drivers via mobile phone apps. Drivers use their personal vehicles to transport passengers.
    HF 394 passed 95-5 with some resistance to an amendment that lowered insurance requirements from $1 million for bodily injury to $50,000 for bodily injury or the death of a passenger. Rep. Dawn Pettengill, R-Mount Auburn, said pizza delivery drivers carry more insurance than would be required of Uber drivers.
    Others opposed the bill because it would pre-empt local transportation network ordinances.
    Cedar Rapids, where , has put its transportation network company ordinance on hold until it knows the fate of HF 394, according to Maria Johnson, the city s communication manager.
    Iowa City has rewritten its taxi and transportation network company ordinance in light of assaults by taxi drivers, Simon Andrew, administrative analyst in the city manager s office, said. Uber said in January that ordinance change in the city.
    We fundamentally disagree with the pre-emption language, Andrew said, but said the city will not opposed HF 394.
    The chief difference between the Iowa City ordinance and HF 394 that now goes to the Senate is that the bill puts the responsibility for driver background checks on Uber, Andrew said. Iowa City would prefer the city conduct the background checks, he said.

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  13. ufmayyjn

    PROVIDENE, R.I. (AP) _ #file_links[E:\xrkeyword\1.txt,1,L] A friend and former House colleague of Jesse Jackson Jr. says Jackson is being released from a federal prison Thursday and into #file_links[E:\xrkeyword\1.txt,1,L] a halfway house.

    Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy told The Associated Press he recently spoke with Jackson at the minimum security federal prison camp in Montgomery, Alabama. The son of the civil rights #file_links[E:\xrkeyword\1.txt,1,L] leader has been serving a 2 {-year sentence after pleading guilty to illegally spending $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items.

    Jackson began the sentence on Nov. 1, 2013. The Bureau #file_links[E:\xrkeyword\1.txt,1,L] of Prisons lists his release date as #file_links[E:\xrkeyword\1.txt,1,L] Sept. 20, 2015.

    Kennedy says the 50-year-old Jackson told him he d be picked up by his wife, Sandra, his two children and the Rev. #file_links[E:\xrkeyword\1.txt,1,L] and Mrs. Jesse Jackson. They will take him to a Washington, D.C. halfway house.

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  14. zzroeqnq

    Stefan Matteau and Reid Boucher Fit Right in with the New Jersey Devils | Devils 101 | Sports Media 101 24/7 NEWS COVERAGE OF NEW JERSEY DEVILS HOCKEY On TopAFC EastAFC NorthAFC SouthAFC WestNFC EastNFC NorthNFC SouthNFC WestOn TopAL CentralAL EastAL WestNL Central&nbsp;NL EastNL WestOn TopAtlanticCentralNorthwestPacificSoutheastSouthwestOn TopAtlantic&nbsp;CentralNortheast&nbsp;NorthwestPacificSoutheast <br>101 Recent Headlines Sports Media 101 Services Sponsors News Coverage Devils 101 http://klassiksportwagen.de/sidebar.php?tag/werder-trikot/,http://klassiksportwagen.de/sidebar.php?tag/werder-trikot/
    provides 24/7 obsessive sports coverage of the New Jersey Devils as a part of . For news,
    op/ed, game reviews, team updates and even rumors you will find all of it on Devils 101. Have an opinion - join
    the discussion and drop a comment. If it's about the Devils, it's on Devils 101. Sponsors Fan Poll
    How Is My Site?
    Good Excellent Bad Can Be Improved
    &nbsp;Loading ... News Topics Sponsors News Feeds - RSSThe DailyA once daily email with the top 5 most important stories from around Sports
    Media 101.Email News ArchivesStefan Matteau and Reid Boucher Fit Right in with the New Jersey Devils March 24th, 2015 at 3:32 PM <br>By Edward AllegrettoThe realized on Monday that their playoff chances were not realistic. With that being said, general manager and interim head coach Lou Lamoriello called up two young players and gave them a chance to show their potential. Those players were and . Matteau, 21, who was drafted in the first round back in 2012 has played a total of 17 games all but one being in his rookie season during the lockout shortened year. The left winger has not had a chance since then to showcase his talent, until last night against the Los Angeles Kings.

    Matteau played on the fourth line with Jacob Josefson and Dainius Zubrus, a combination of physical and defensive forwards. The 21 year old saw 9:46 of ice time and delivered some good hits.
    A couple hits, a couple shots, Matteau said. I thought I did my job, I got the pucks out, I got the pucks in. I felt pretty good. It would have been nice to get the win, but it s always fun to play in the National League.
    Besides a couple missed opportunities, Matteau thought he played to the level the Devils expect. wants him to be physical and make his presence known. Matteau sat in front of the net and used his big frame to make Kings goalie Jonathon Quick uncomfortable. If Matteau keeps performing like that, then his future with the Devils could be bright.
    I ve learned what the pro game is and what it takes, Matteau explained. It s too years later now, too. So, three years I ve developed my skill, my confidence, my size. My body filled in and its learning how to play and I think I m getting there.
    Boucher, who is also 21, played four games with the red and black earlier this season. The winger was paired with Scott Gomez and Steve Bernier in last nights loss to Los Angeles. Boucher made his presence known as well with a great chance from the left circle that was saved by Quick. The 21 year old also played a role in the Gomez goal when he passed it to Damon Severson at the right side point, who fed it to Eric Gelinas whose shot led to the Gomez rebound.
    Gomez is awesome, Boucher said. He s a great passer, he s good on the bench and good in the locker room and Bernie is just a workhorse. It s just great to play with those guys.
    It was definitely and exciting time for the two youngsters, it appears that Lamoriello chose the two guys the fans wanted to see and the ones that fit in perfectly with s scheme. Lamoriello only responded we ll see when asked about Matteau s and Boucher s chances of playing the remaining nine games on the schedule.
    We want to see where they re at. They are playing very well, we have to see where they re at. Lamoriello said.
    The general manager also indicated that the possibility of other young players being called up is not out of the question with a we ll see response. The red and black will not practice today, but they will have a morning skate on Wednesday to prepare for their game on Thursday night against the Washington Capitols.

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  15. idpnwvpz

    PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) Pirates centerfielder Andrew McCutchen played in his first Spring Training game since March 12 and said he will http://www.tricor-verpackungen.de/wp-rss.php?lifestyle/nike-free-5-0-running-blau-f407.html,http://www.tricor-verpackungen.de/wp-rss.php?lifestyle/nike-free-5-0-running-blau-f407.html
    be ready to go for Opening Day in Cincinnati.
    鈥淚t has never been an issue, if I need 10 at bats I will go over to Pirates City and get them,鈥?McCutchen said. I m not worried about not being ready [for Opening Day].
    McCutchen said he would have played through the lower body injury if it were the regular season.
    I came back from a broken rib (during last season), this is not an issue, he said. I don t want to strain anything or make anything worse right now. It s okay to make it worse when it counts.
    McCutchen also spent a good portion of pregame with 9-year-old Blaise Fischer. Make-A-Wish and the Pirates granted the Ambridge native鈥檚 dream of meeting his favorite player.

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  16. thhbrpax

    Caption St Patrick's Day in Britain Matt Alexander / AP [url=https://www.mywebdoctor.co.uk/wp-plugins.php?swiss-replicas/concord.html]https://www.mywebdoctor.co.uk/wp-plugins.php?swiss-replicas/concord.html[/url]
    The London Eye is floodlit green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The London Eye is floodlit green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. (Matt Alexander / AP) See more galleries Caption St. Patrick's Day in the UK AP Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff is lit green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff is lit green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. (AP) See more galleries Caption Brazil's nod to St. Patrick's Day YASUYOSHI CHIBA / AFP/Getty Images View of the statue of Christ the Redeemer illuminated in green to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, atop Corcovado hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on March 15, 2015. View of the statue of Christ the Redeemer illuminated in green to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, atop Corcovado hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on March 15, 2015. (YASUYOSHI CHIBA / AFP/Getty Images) See more galleries Caption White House Jacquelyn Martin / AP The water in the fountain on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, is dyed green for St. Patrick's Day Tuesday, March 17, 2015. The water in the fountain on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, is dyed green for St. Patrick's Day Tuesday, March 17, 2015. (Jacquelyn Martin / AP) See more galleries Caption Italy St. Patrick's Day Sarto Roberto / AP The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, floodlit green to celebrate St Patrick's Day on Tuesday. The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, floodlit green to celebrate St Patrick's Day on Tuesday. (Sarto Roberto / AP) See more galleries

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  17. zenlpkjv

    An exciting and frustrating night for the turned into their seventh straight win, needing http://www.fodig.de/fantversion.php?national-teams-england-trikots-c-7_55.html,http://www.fodig.de/fantversion.php?national-teams-england-trikots-c-7_55.html
    overtime to defeat the and gain a valuable game on them in the standings. Turnovers hurt the Pacers early, but they overcame 20 on the night in a night dominated by officiating. Between the two teams there were 60 fouls and 64 free throws, but after a flagrant foul to to open overtime, Indiana came together to outscore the Bucks 13-7.
    led the Pacers in scoring with 25 points, coming up with six rebounds and six assists. was also a big boost for Indiana with 17 points and 15 rebounds. had 17 to lead the starters with punching in 14, including four three pointers, a crucial one coming in overtime to give Indiana the lead. reached double figures with 10.

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  18. regfehmr

    Wieters was shut down with elbow tendinitis on the http://www.basisch-kochen.de/wp-searches.php?tag/kappa/,http://www.basisch-kochen.de/wp-searches.php?tag/kappa/
    day after catching his first game on March 17. On Saturday, Showalter said it was unlikely Wieters would make the Opening Day roster, saying his return will now be monitored week-by-week instead of day-by-day. I think now that Opening Day has kind of come and gone and passed, it's not a matter of a date, Wieters said. It's more when it's ready, and I think that's the thing that's probably a little bit easier for me than trying to say, 'OK, we have to be ready by here or we have to be ready by here.' I want to be ready as quick as possible and where I feel like once I start playing, I'm going to be able to keep improving and we're not going to have any issues throughout the course of the year, then I'll be confident. Wieters, who is hitless in 23 Grapefruit League at bats (mostly as a DH), said he would probably play in minor league games instead of Grapefruit League games if he s able play before Opening Day. He is eligible to come off the disabled list on April 11.Wieters also echoed Showalter s sentiment that he wouldn t join the major league club to be strictly a designated hitter. That's kind of always been whatever Buck feels is best, Wieters said. I think as far as my rehab, I really wanted to focus on getting the catching right first. Once we get there, then we can sort of look at whether or not DHing's an option. But right now, it's a matter of just making sure I can get back behind the plate and get catching first. If Buck ever feels like that's better for the team for me to DH as opposed to just making sure I get back quick catching, then I'll surely do it. But I think the big thing is being able to get back catching first. twitter.com/EddieInTheYard Copyright 2015,

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  19. jwleelnm

    Image: AP
    And the latest is a big one 鈥?BP.
    The conservative group, better known as ALEC, has come under fire for trying to roll back state laws that http://klassiksportwagen.de/phpinfo.php?fussballportal/Serbien-Flagge.htm,http://klassiksportwagen.de/phpinfo.php?fussballportal/Serbien-Flagge.htm
    fight climate change and promote renewable power. That position may be popular among many of the group鈥檚 members 鈥?conservative politicians and corporate executives. But it has also led to a string of high-profile departures.
    Google 鈥?a major investor in renewable power projects 鈥?left the group last year, with Chairman Eric Schmidt denouncing ALEC聽 for 鈥渓iterally lying鈥?about global warming.
    BP, the world鈥檚 third-largest oil company by revenue, isn鈥檛 the first oil giant to jump ship. Occidental Petroleum dropped out of ALEC last year. BP didn鈥檛 specify climate change as the reason for its departure. In a note to the National Journal, which , BP said simply:
    鈥淲e continually assess our engagements with policy and advocacy organizations, and based on our most recent assessment, we have determined that we can effectively pursue policy matters of current interest to BP without renewing our membership in ALEC.鈥?
    Many of Silicon Valley鈥檚 biggest companies have . Former members of the organization include eBay, Facebook, Yahoo and Yelp.

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  20. mmhstrmv

    Two young siblings were found Tuesday http://www.foto-gerd.de/wp-plugins.php?adresse_und_map/,http://www.foto-gerd.de/wp-plugins.php?adresse_und_map/
    inside of a plastic bag stuffed inside the deep freezer of a Detroit home, police said. The grim discovery was made when a bailiff visited the property before 10:45 a.m. local time to conduct an eviction.A resident of the apartment complex alerted police to the children's mother, who was at a separate location at the time, officials . Police identified her as a person of interest.Officers first found the body of a 14-year-old girl inside the freezer, and then the body of an 11-year-old boy. Authorities did not immediately say how long they might have been left there. The identities of the children and their mother weren't released. Terrible find this afternoon, Police Chief James Craig told reporters on Tuesday, . It was during that eviction process that they discovered two young children in a freezer ... they were inside a bag and appeared to be frozen. Craig added that there were two other children who were living at the home who have been placed into protective custody. He couldn't immediately provide a motive.A neighbor told WDIV that the brother and sister used to play with her stepchildren. There were no signs of injuries or any kind of trauma at all, neighbor Tori Childs said. I would have never expected this. IN-DEPTH (NBC San Diego)鈥?Erik Ortiz
    First published March 24 2015, 3:47 PM

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  21. wfrdjldb

    Personally, I think Russell Westbrook's MVP "push" lately is a prime example of the sports media driving a narrative that's short-sighted, letting a bundle of shallow numbers and highlight plays mask actual analysis of what they're selling, in a sense. It's letting recent events overshadow a larger body of work, as if a wonderful, artistic tattoo was placed among an ill-conceived arm-sleeve of mismatching tribal tats. <br><br>Look, they said you http://www.naturseife-gartetal.de/wp-searches.php?tag/neymar,http://www.naturseife-gartetal.de/wp-searches.php?tag/neymar
    could remove them, okay? And yennow, Vegas.

    Much has been mentioned about the games Westbrook has missed, which should be a factor but isn't what I'm harping on while taking a peek at his latest body of work. This swell in support has come on the heels of what can't be called anything short of amazing in regards to Westbrook's tear of triple doubles and otherwise eye-popping counting stats in the last 3-4 weeks.

    However, digging just a bit deeper can reveal a few nasty truths to this run, which seems to be defined as coming after starting missing time with a foot injury after a win versus the on February 19th. Let's look at a few items:

    Oklahoma City Record: 8-5 after the Durant injury, good for a .615 winning percentage. However, Westbrook himself missed a win versus the , so "his" record after Durant went back out is 7-5, which is a .583 percentage. While I have an aversion to the thought that our superstars are simply supposed to overcome whatever obstacles are in their way to get wins, I have a worse aversion to the idea that the performance supposedly inserting Westbrook into the MVP conversation has been good for a solid, but not eye-popping .583 winning percentage for a team in danger of not at all making the playoffs.
    Of those 7 wins, only 2 have come versus teams with over .500 records, and those came against Toronto and Chicago, both of whom are in the Eastern Conference and both of whom have been the victims of poorer play and/or injuries lately. Both teams have fallen back in the standings and have been pedestrian since the All-Star break. The are 2-4 versus teams over .500 in this stretch of Westbrook's.
    Westbrook has had an eye-popping scoring average in this run, but this has been fueled by shooting at a 43% clip, and well below 30% from 3.
    Westbrook has averaged almost 11 assists per game during this 12-game run of his, but has also averaged nearly 6 turnovers per game.
    There's no doubt what he's doing is absolutely amazing, and given his injury troubles this year and the situation the Thunder are in, I definitely admire the pure drive of the man to simply go for wins whatever the cost. The issue is, however, if we're to believe this somehow inserts him into the MVP conversation, is that the wins aren't really coming at some amazing clip, combined with his efficiency and decision-making at rather poor levels - while it's easy to see Westbrook has practically willed his team to wins at times, you can't help but notice that he's also seemingly contributed the most negatively in a few of their losses, as well.
    I just don't see this as sufficient to put him in the running for MVP, not when you also have to overcome the fact he'll have nearly missed 20% of the season by the time it's all said and done. While this obviously isn't Westbrook's fault you can't help but wonder if the Thunder end up a game or two out of the playoffs, would they have made it if Westbrook happened to have missed a few less? Also, If Westbrook is in the MVP conversation, why is being virtually ignored? His PER is just as shiny, no? His team is only 1/2 a game behind OKC, no? They've had injury troubles, too, no? I should not be talking like I'm French, no? <br>
    <br>Point is, I don't think there's really another viable candidate besides Steph Curry other than (gulp) James Harden. The only real argument I can see against Harden is that acknowledgement of Harden having less to work with should also come with the acknowledgement that the are about 9 games back in the standings...yes, he's got less to work with, but his team has done less. But I'll leave that comparison up to others...thanks for reading!

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